The Rose Castle Foundation is turning history on its head, transforming Rose Castle, which has embraced and endured 800 years, into a unique destination for local and international conflict transformation.

The History of Rose Castle

Positioned on the borders of England and Scotland, Rose Castle has witnessed 800 years of conflict and endured centuries of violence at the hands of changing political and religious allegiances.

From its earliest incarnation in 1230 to the present day, the castle has borne witness to political and religious change, been ransacked, burned and rebuilt.

A Spiritual Home

Rose Castle has had a long and tumultuous history but has also been the home of 63 of the 67 Bishops of Carlisle and for almost 800 years played an important role in the spiritual lives of those in both the local community and further afield.

Rose Castle

Information on the current Rose Castle

Rose Castle at present is in need of some quality of life improvements. The castle and grounds are still as beautiful as ever, and we would heartily recommend a visit. However, their are so many ways we can improve the building, facilities and utilities which will allow us to prosper for many generations to come.


The future of Rose Castle

Our current appeal is in place so we can breathe some new life into our wonderful historical building. A lot of the work that needs to be carried out is not particularly glamourous, but things like new wiring, fire escapes and drainage will set the castle up to succeed in the future. Once all of our work has been completed, with your generous support, we will be able to expand our capacity, welcoming more future leaders to our residential courses throughout the year.

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